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Gone are the days of backing out of the mission, re-slotting, restarting TS3, and getting a teleport to the front lines when respawns are called for by staff. You can now be respawned on the fly at any time by the staff straight out of spectator. We generally use this feature on longer missions to make sure that no one stays out of action for too long, or if someone dies by accident and would normally have to rejoin with a JIP slot.

There are a few things that can influence the use of respawn. For example if medics set up a safe CCP respawn may be more readily available. Or if an objective is cleared a wave of reinforcements may be respawned.

What to do when respawned:

  • Respawns generally come in waves. This means one of the first things you should do is communicate with the other people that were respawned and reform fireteams. You should never be a lone wolf.
  • You will be Respawned with random fire team kits. Fall in where you are needed.
  • Establish contact with leadership as soon as possible.
  • Do not metagame, when you’re dead you have access to the spectator which will let you see both friendly and enemy units. When you respawn you should not tell other people what you saw in the spectator.

When you are dead:

While you are dead you will be in the spectator script. You can fly around and watch people playing the mission while you wait for respawn, or for the mission to end. You can also talk with the other spectators or with ACRE2 you can mute them to better hear what the people who are still alive are saying.

What to do while dead:

  • Banter with the rest of the dead
  • Record the rest of your fireteam dying
  • Wait patiently for respawn or for the mission to end
  • Admin message for respawn if you die before mission start

What NOT to do while dead:

  • Metagame. You should not be gathering info and sending it to people that are alive.
  • Complaining about the mission. Save it for the AAR, and keep it constructive. Same thing goes for when you’re alive, keep your misfortunes about the mission on the AAR.
  • Bothering staff for a respawn if you were killed in action. Wait for the next wave.

Differences between Saturday and Wednesday sessions:

The main difference between session days is length. Our Wednesday sessions tend to be slightly shorter with the Saturday sessions favoring longer winded missions due to the earlier start time. Wednesday sessions tend to be slightly looser on new people taking leadership and specialty slots. That means if you want to try Squad or Platoon leading for the first time, Wednesday is your day to shine.

Joining in Progress (JIP) and the JIP menu:

Our mission framework includes JIP slots. These slots are for use if you have to join the session late or if you get disconnected from the server. JIP slots are generally at the bottom of the slotting menu when you enter the server while a mission is in progress. These slots will start you at the mission start area in basic gear for whatever faction the mission maker picked. This is normally vanilla Blufor, independent, or Opfor gear. To get rid of this you use the JIP menu.

The JIP menu is a scroll wheel addaction that will appear in yellow text


To use it you scroll to it and press spacebar just like any other action. It will create a menu on your screen that looks like this


The first thing you do is pick a group.


Then you pick a loadout.


There may also be a Deploy option in the scroll menu. This is the prefered way to get to the front line when you JIP. To use this you select it with the scroll menu, the map should appear and then you click on the map where you want to teleport to. After you use this option, it should disappear.

What to do when you use a JIP slot:

  • If you joined the session late, pick a team and a loadout. And then deploy as close to them as you can with the deploy option.
  • If you disconnected and came back just rejoin your fireteam and take your previous loadout and deploy to them.
  • If the deploy option is not present, or there are no group markers. Then you request a teleport to a team that can use you through the message admin system.