Aircraft Setup

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This page has a list and description of nearly every item that can be put on a pylon in Arma. Weapons commonly used are bolded.

NOTE: You can toggle control of the pylon between pilot & gunner by clicking the little pilot/gunner icon next to the weapon name. As a general rule, you should assign pylons as follows:


  • Air-to-air weapons
  • All bombs
  • All Rockets
  • All fixed guns


  • Air-to-ground missiles (AGMs)
  • Sensors

Western Aircraft


Weapon Description Appropriate Eras
AIM-9M Heat-seeking short-range AA missile 50s-present
AIM-9X Heet-seeking short-range AA missile, greater off-boresight capability than AIM-9M Contemporary
ATAS Air-to-Air-Stinger (pack of two), standard AA weapon for Apaches 60s-present
DAGR Optically-guided high-explosive rocket 80s-present
AGM-114K "Hellfire II" Laser-guided anti-tank missile 80s-present
AGM-114L "Hellfire II" Radar-guided fire-and-forget anti-tank missile 00s-present
AGM-114M "Hellfire II" Laser-guided anti-bunker missile 80s-present
AGM-114N "Hellfire II" Laser-guided thermobaric missile 90s-present
M260/M261 7-tube/19-tube rocket launchers that fire Hydra-70 high-explosive dual-purpose rockets 50s-present
LAU-61/LAU-68 19-tube/7-tube rocket launchers that fire Hydra-70 high-explosive dual-purpose rockets 50s-present
GAU-19 .50 caliber gatling gun 80s-present


Weapon Description Appropriate Eras
AIM-9M Heat-seeking short-range AA missile 50s-present
AIM-9X Heet-seeking short-range AA missile, greater off-boresight capability than AIM-9M Contemporary
AIM-132 ASRAAM British/Australian equivalent to AIM-9 00s-present
AIM-120 AMRAAM Radar-guided medium-range AA missile 90s-present
AAM-3 Japanese equivalent to AIM-9 90s-present
AAM-4 Japenese equivalent to AIM-120M 00s-present
AAM-5 Japanese equivalent to AIM-9, replaced AAM-3 00s-present
AGM-65B "Maverick" Optically-guided anti-tank missile 70s
AGM-65D "Maverick" Heat-seeking anti-tank missile 70s-present
AGM-65H "Maverick" Optically-guided anti-tank missile 00s-present
AGM-65K "Maverick" Optically-guided anti-tank missile 00s-present
AGM-65L "Maverick" Laser-guided anti-tank missile 80s-present
AGM-154A JSOW GPS/INS-guided anti-tank missile with cluster bomblets 00s-present
AGM-88 HARM Anti-radiation missile (targets radar-emitters) 80s-present
Mk-82 Unguided 500lb bomb 50s-present
Mk-82 "Snakeye" Unguided high-drag 500lb bomb (for low-altitude bombing) 50s-present
GBU-10 Laser-guided 2000lb bomb 70s-present
GBU-12 Laser-guided 500lb bomb 70s-present
GBU-24 Laser-guided 2000lb bomb 70s-present
GBU-31 JDAM GPS-guided 2000lb bomb 00s-present
GBU-32 JDAM GPS-guided 1000lb bomb 00s-present
GBU-38 JDAM GPS-guided 500lb bomb 00s-present
GBU-54 LJDAM GPS & laser-guided 500lb bomb 00s-present
GBU-39 SDB GPS-guided 250lb bomb (pack of 4) 00s-present
GBU-53 SDB II GPS & laser & heat-seeking 250lb bomb (pack of 4) Contemporary
CBU-85 Cluster Unguided multi-purpose cluster bomb 80s-present
CBU-87 CEM Unguided multi-purpose cluster bomb 80s-present
CBU-89 GATOR Unguided multi-purpose cluster mine dispenser 80s-present
CBU-97 SFW Unguided anti-tank cluster mine dispenser 90s-present
CBU-105 SFW WCMD GPS-guided anti-tank cluster mine dispenser 00s-present
BLU-107 Durandal Unguided anti-runway bomb 80s-present
BL-778 Cluster Unguided anti-tank cluster bomb 70s-present
PDU-X (Leaflets) Unguided leaflet dispenser 50s-present
ASM-2 Japanese heat-seeking anti-ship missile 90s-present
SUU-25 Unguided flare dispenser 50s-present
Hydra rockets Unguided rockets, many variants 50s-present
DAGR Optically-guided high-explosive rockets (fictional) 80s-present
Zuni LAU-10 Zuni unguided rockets fired from 4-tube LAU-10 rocket pod 60s-present
LANTIRN Pod Targeting pod 90s-present
LITENING Pod Targeting pod 00s-present
HTS Pod Anti-radiation targeting pod 80s-present
Sniper XR Pod Targeting pod Contemporary
Sniper/HTS Pod Sniper targeting pod with anti-radiation capabilities Contemporary
AN/ALQ-131/AN/ALQ-134 Electronic countermeasures pods, used against heat-seeking threats 80s-present

Russian/Soviet Aircraft

Russian/Soviet aircraft share a lot between helicopters and fixed-wing so everything is listed in one table. NOTE: See this video for how to use the SU25 and guided munitions (it's NOT intuitive at all):

Weapon Description Appropriate Eras
S-5/S-8/S-13 55mm, 85mm, and 122mm unguided rockets 50s-present
FAB-250 Unguided 250kg (550lb) bomb 50s-present
OFAB-250 Unguided 250kg (550lb) bomb 50s-present
KAB-250 Laser-guided 250kg (550lb) bomb (possibly broken as of 11-19-17) 00s-present
KAB-500 Laser-guided 500kg (1150lb) bomb 00s-present
RBK-250 Unguided 250kg (550lb) cluster bomb 50s-present
UPK-23-250 23mm GSh-23L gun pod with 250 rounds 70s-present
KMGU-2 Mine dispenser 70s-present
R60/R60M Short-range heat-seeking AA missiles 70s-present
R73/R73M Short-range heat-seeking AA missiles 80s-present
9M120/9M120M Optically-guided anti-tank missile 80s-present
9M127M/9K121 Vikhr Laser-guided anti-tank missiles IRL, but currently behaves like 9M120 in Arma 80s-present
Kh25 Laser-guided anti-tank missile 70s-present
Kh25ML Laser-guided anti-bunker missile with tandem warhead 70s-present
Kh25MA Radar-guided anti-tank missile 00s-present
Kh25MT Optically-guided anti-tank missile 70s-present
Kh25 MTP Heat-seeking anti-tank missile 80-present
Kh25MP Anti-radiation missile
Kh29L Laser-guided anti-tank missile 80s-present
Kh29ML Laser-guided anti-tank missile (updated L model) 90s-present
Kh29T Optically-guided anti-tank missile 80s-present
Kh29MP Radar-guided anti-tank missile 00s-present
Kh29D Heat-seeking anti-tank missile 00s-present