Basic Session Information

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All members are required to attend a minimum of one session per weekend, or four sessions per month.
Sessions are held Saturdays, 5:00pm CST, Wednesdays 7:00pm CST.


On session days, the session server will always have a "pre-join" session running 30-45 minutes prior to session start. This time is to be used to ensure you're able to successfully connect to the session server and verify that ACRE is active and working in-game. If everything is working, check your map to see where people are meeting up or what there is to do.

Welcome to Prejoin

After all checks are done...Please, have fun. Goof off before all sessions.


As of 14 October 2017, Pre-Join now has a PVP area.

To enter it, simply find these flags at the lumber yard and pick a team. It will teleport you to a nearby town that is designed for PVP only. Once you die, you'll be teleported back to the lumber yard and have to rejoin the arena.

PvP Entrance
PvP Zone

Firing Range

The Firing Range is where player can shoot the shit so to say. A place to get a small arm weapon and shoot at the Ballistics Range.

Please do not spam kill people, this is not a place to have a PVP match, that is a different place (refer to above).

Firing Range

Ballistics Range

[under construction]

Kart Track

Due to popular demand, a race track has been added for karts or hatchbacks. You can travel to it at the teleports.


Five minutes prior to the session start time, the administration will end the pre-join mission and switch over to the first mission being played. Once you enter the slotting screen after coming out of the pre-join session, all talking is to cease in order for staff to minimize slotting time as much as possible. Typing in in-game chat while slotting is allowed, but not during the map screen or while in-game unless it's relevant to the mission.

Administration will call slotting roles in the order of rank:

Recruits and Public Players - This is for recruits and public players to slot in their allowed roles
Specialist - This is when Specialist and above to slot in any role
Soldier - This is when all Soldiers will slot in any role
Grunts - This is when all Grunts will slot in their allowed roles

Mission Load-in

Once slotting is complete, the admin will start the mission. At this time, you will download the mission file and enter the mission screen. At the mission screen, the administration will give everyone approximately one minute to load into the mission. Once at least 90% of the players are loaded into the map screen, the mission will begin.


Once in-game, we allow the first 30 seconds for the server to balance player and AI load. At this time, do your best not to move or interact within the game so that the rest of the mission can run as smoothly as possible. Once the 30 second grace period is over, all squad leaders and platoon leaders meet a pre-designated position on the map to design and discuss the mission plan. This command briefing should take no longer than ten minutes. If you are a fireteam member or non-essential crew member, stay within your spawn area and away from the command briefing area. Once it is complete, squad leaders will then brief their entire squads or fire team leaders based on how they want to run their squad.

If it's a COOP - All leaders will ready up on their respective squad net. The mission begins once safe start is disabled.

If it's a TvT - Both sides must ready up. The mission begins once safe start is disabled.