CMF Features

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The Coalition Mission Framework

Coalition Mission Framework, the CMF is a mission framework for our missions. It has numerous features, and it is there to make mission making easier, and save us time during the missions themselves.

Assign Gear

For a more in-depth guide on how to use the Assign Gear feature, see: Mission Making Guidelines

Bluforce Trackers

During a mission you will see live map markers that track every friendly element on the map. These markers are there to make it easier for ourselves, and be able to track what’s going on between the different elements. It does not track individuals, so if you’re an AAR in a fireteam you will not carry the mapmarker, it is always the leader of every group.


Our respawn system is made in a way that administrators dictate it. You will not respawn instantly when you die, you will be respawned if the mission calls for it. For an example, if you accidentally die during the briefing due to an ArmA error, an administrator has the ability to respawn you. However, if you get killed by an enemy near the end of the mission, the chances of you staying is spectator is very likely.


When you die you will enter the spectator. The spectator script that we use is a mix of F3 framework and tanaKa’s own implementations. The spectator is very straight forward, and let’s you spectate the alive players whilst being dead. You will be able to hear the living players when you zoom into ACRE range of a player.


JIP - Or Join in Progress is exactly what the name suggests. For people joining in late, the JIP function is there to let players spawn in and attach themselves to an element.

For a more in-depth guide on the JIP function, see: Advanced Session Information


Our briefing script is in-house made by tanaKa. It is simple to use with easy guidelines to help you make a successful briefing. Within the briefing folder you will find a briefing file respective to every faction, plus f_briefing_admin.sqf. This file is only meant for admins to read. If you want the AI to act a specific way, or spawn in enemy reinforcements at a specific time during the mission. The faction briefing files need to be used for every faction you have players on. For a TvT, two or more briefings would have to be made. For a co-op, usually one. For a more in-depth guide on the Briefing script, see: Mission Making Guidelines.


Certain missions require you to use the deployment function. The deploy action can be found in your scroll wheel action menu. During some missions the deployment option is required to be used. The deployment option should only be used by element leaders - it will teleport everyone in the group to the chosen area. After you’ve hit deploy you will have to left click on your map at the designated location you want to teleport you - and it will teleport your group.

The deployment option can also be used if you JIP’d in or got respawned, if you know where to teleport it’s easier for you to do it rather than have an admin do it for you.


The CMF includes a fortification module that allows anyone with a fortification tool to build various bunkers and emplacements defined by the mission designer. This module is tied into Safe Start, and can only be used while Safe Start is active. The tool gets automatically removed from your inventory once Safe Start is deactivated. If your role includes the tool; To use it you simply ACE self interact and look for the fortify option. You will then see the options available and their cost. After you select something it will appear in front of you and you can follow the on screen instructions to make various adjustments before placing the fortification. Misplaced fortifications can be removed while you have the tool by ACE interacting with them. You get a full refund for anything removed.

Mission designers can change the module for each side in the editor. The relevant settings are as follows,

  • Presets. There are 3 presets defining the type of fortifications available. Use the preset you think fits your mission.
  • Budget. This sets the faction wide budget for the selected faction. Set it as high or low as you want depending on how much you want the players to be able to fortify.