Coalition Syllabus

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A fraternity. A team. Always gaming. Always competing. Always creating fun.

Follow this guide here!


ArmA is first and foremost a community-driven game. When we desire a feature, we create it. When we desired a fraternity, a close knit element of ArmA enthusiasts and content creators - we founded it. Since October of 2016, we have been creating private organized sessions in ArmA in order to support the "arma without the bullshit" attitude. Unlike other communities, we value solid gameplay and mission design to empower players and not fake ranks. A Community like no other, comprised of individuals who embody our values of Teamwork, Engaging Gameplay, Competition, and Fun. Since then, we've swelled to well over 100 members and have our own operating procedures and in-game elements that put us above the others.


This syllabus is designed to introduce you to the community as well as inform you on what you need to do next. Follow the instructions and you'll be in-game in no time. If you have any other questions, ask anyone in discord!

What you need to do next

Set up your account

Your dossier is step one in the joining process. It comprises of information about yourself and serves as a first introduction to the other members of the community. It is also a living document. In the event you will be absent from the community for extended periods of time or have a major life change you want to inform others about, simply posting in your dossier keeps us updated. We will also link your teamspeak and discord accounts to our member portal here so that you receive permissions across all three.
1.) Log into the forums and navigate to the dossier forum: (If you need help with finding your Arma3 ID check out this helpful video)
2.) Create a new topic and name it
[Dossier] yourNameHere
3.) Inside the body of the post, copy this and add your information:
[b]Full name:[/b]
[b]ArmA3 Player ID:[/b] 
[b]Steam Profile URL:[/b]

At least a paragraph about yourself, gaming ventures, etc.... This can be anything you deem appropriate or that you want others to know about yourself.

Images of yourself here
An example of a dossier can be found here.
Finally, Submit it!
4.) Link your discord account here in order to sync to our discord server.
5.) Link your teamspeak here in order to sync to our teamspeak server.

B.) Join Discord

Discord is our go-to chat communication medium to keep all members informed on administration, mod repository updates, announcing when other games are being played, and just generally keeping in touch with others within the community. It is the one thing you are required to be active on. You'll notice members are organized by colors in discord. Purple is new members, green are full-time members, and yellow/red members are admins.

Connecting Guide

  1. ) Download and install the desktop discord client from here.
  2. ) Once installed, click our personalized discord link here to connect.
  3. ) Await permissions to be given to you.


In order to separate banter from mission design conversations, the discord is split up into different channels. All with their own functions. Some channels will only be avaliable to you when you’ve become a full member of the community.</center>

Welcome and Admin
A self-explanatory welcome page.
Important announcements made by HQ.
Public Channels
Session (#session):
This is not a conversation channel. Announcing when pre-join is available and when missions are starting. Mostly handled by Coalitionbot
Repo (#repo):
This is not a conversation channel. Modpack updates and displays whenever the repo is offline for maintenance.
General (#general):
Just about anything goes in this channel. Post memes or just chat.
Tech-Support (#tech-support):
If you’re having any issues ArmA or non-ArmA related, post it here. Please be patient with each other.
Streams (#streams):
This is not a conversation channel. A bot-only channel that announces who is streaming.
Member Channels
AAR (#aar):
After-Action Report, this channel is for pictures and videos of previous sessions. Also to chat about what went wrong/what was good with the mission.
Now-Playing (#now-playing):
This is not a conversation channel. A channel for announcing when other games are being played. React to the pinned message to receive notifications.
Other-games (#other-games):
Talk about other games than ArmA.
Listentothis (#listentothis):
Got a fat track you want to share? Post it here.
Blowingmoney (#blowingmoney):
A channel for all things buying. Discussions on sales will also go here.

C.) Download the Modpack

Download Guides

There are currently three methods to download our modpack: Swifty, A3Sync, and Steam Workshop.
Installing with Swifty 3
Installing with a3sync
Steam Workshop
NOTE: We currently don't support the modpack on steam workshop due to potential DMCA notice. A lot of the mods we use are edited to our liking and uploading our versions to the workshop generally goes against mod author requests.
Recommended startup parameters:
 -nosplash -skipIntro -world=empty 

D.) Connect to Teamspeak

We currently support teamspeak 3.5.2 with ACRE version

Teamspeak is the backbone of our community. We use teamspeak as our main verbal communication medium while out-of-game as well as how we communicate during sessions. You're expected to be active on teamspeak (even if just sitting in the AFK channel) just as you would in discord.
In order to receive teamspeak permissions, you must first link your teamspeak UID on your account here and then receive your orientation from a Company NCO.

How to Connect

1.) Download the Teamspeak 3 client from here.
2.) Install teamspeak
3.) Open the client and goto Bookmarks -> Manage bookmarks
4.) Add a new bookmark and label it "COALITION" with this connection information:
Port: 9987
Password: None
5.) Set your nickname for the bookmark to be whatever nickname you registered to the Coalition with
6.) Connect!
Voice Activation
For the consideration of other members, please consider using push-to-talk, especially if you have frequent background noise. Alternatively, bind a push-to-mute key and use it especially during slotting. Be aware that once you're in game, ACRE consistently disables toggle mute. If you use voice activation and you find yourself suffering from background noise while in ACRE, you can use TAB + Scroll down to reduce your volume to whisper so as to avoid bothering those around you.
Respect is the key aspect of voice activation, always be aware of what noises you may have coming through your microphone if you choose to use it.

E.) Do an Orientation

Finally, once you have your dossier posted and connected to discord, your final task is to conduct a 30min orientation on how sessions work here at Coalition. Launch the game through swifty/a3sync and attempt to connect to the training server with the information found here.
Why do we require orientation and what do we go over?
Simply put, we require orientation because it cuts down on the amount of questions that you need to ask in the middle of a live mission particularly if you are new to the game or the mods we use. Orientation times vary based on how experienced a person is with ACE, ACRE, and ARMA controls. Our main goals are to make sure you had no issues with your modpack install, familiarize you with these mods, introduce you to the ideology of Coalition itself, and show off some framework features you might not see in other groups.
If you are an experienced player we mainly focus on how things work within the group and do a quick run through of our checklist to make sure you know whats up.
If you are a new player we will take the time to answer any and all questions you have about anything that you feel you need to know to transition into ARMA easily. We will also offer suggestions on certain controls or settings to help streamline your experience in-game.
A member of the community will contact you ASAP to get an orientation done!
Some of the biggest things on our checklist include but are not limited to:
  • ACE Interaction and Medical
  • ACRE radio keys and how to change volume settings
  • How to use the in-game "Message Admin" system
  • What we expect of you if you become a full member
  • Binding a few important miscellaneous controls
  • Answering any and all questions you have

All done! What now?

Now you attend session on Wednesday or Saturday! If you really want to be a high speed death dealing machine and generally impress everyone with your magnum dong in infantry warfare, read up on our Infantry Guide here!