Content Creation Guidelines

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The following guidelines are currently only suggested and media submissions are not filters at this time. Keep these bullet points in mind if you like, but for now, it's up to you.


Screenshots should be at least two to three times as good as what you would see posted on reddit. They should have a purpose, and a story behind them doesn’t hurt.

Social Media

  • This includes Reddit, Facebook, Steam discussions, etc.
  • If you are representing the group on one of these social media sites, contact a staff member before you make your post.
  • If you are commenting on a social media post by another member, or contributing to it in some other way, keep in mind we don’t want to look like we’re brigading.
  • Represent the group in the most positive light possible, optimally. This means no abject racism, don’t be weird, and make your best efforts to pull in new joins.

Content Submission Guidelines

1. Create your content (video, screenshots, social media post, etc)

2. Submit a link to your finished piece in the releases board on the forum

3. Videos can be uploaded and set to private

   Albums of images can be uploaded to imgur with the sharing settings to link only
   For social media posts you will need a draft of some sort

4. An HQ member or company NCO will take a look at it and determine if it meets the above criteria.

5. You will be given the go ahead most likely, you can then post your stuff and we’ll upvote it for you.