Impromptu Sessions

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Any Coalition company member can organize and host "impromptu" sessions. These can range from Zeus missions, to missions made with persistent slots, or even organized tournaments in other games. Announce these in discord under #nowplaying ahead of time to give people ample time to prepare.

ArmA 3 Impromptu Sessions

Currently, to Zeus an Impromptu Session on the training server, all those playing must vote for the admin (Zeus). To do this, each player must type the following into in-game chat: #vote admin (name/ID/PLR#) . An example of this would be #vote admin Derbz .

Any questions about impromptu sessions should be directed at specialists. It is recommended that prior to organizing a zeus session, you create a plan and basic mission within which you can begin to Zeus the scenario.

There are premade missions catered specifically for impromptu missions if you don't have a specifically made mission for it. Most of these will be on the most popular maps in our modpack at the time. If you have a map you want made, you should contact a mission maker or company NCO to get it made, or get the guidelines to make it yourself.