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Rank has little bearing on your place in a session. However, we do have SOPs when it comes to ranks within sessions:

  • The higher your rank, the more you're expected to lead
  • As a recruit or reservist, you are only to take GI roles.

Additionally, if you are new to the group, you should generally heed the advice of those who have already been in the group for a while. This applies both in game and out of game.

Important Roles

Platoon Command

Platoon (referred to as PLT) is the top dog in a mission. Platoon command determines the overarching plan and manages the element as a whole. The goal for platoon is to minimize casualties and make the mission go well for everyone. Platoon's secondary goals are to make sure the mission is fun for everyone. This role is for experienced players who know how to make plans and apply them.

Squad Leaders

A secondary leadership position to platoon, Squad leaders manage fireteams. Squad leaders follow the plans laid out by plat command. SL's are often a more tactical role than plat command. Expect to be in the thick of it far more than you would be as plat command. It's your job as an SL to make sure your fireteams are in the right place, have enough ammo, medical support, and transport. It's your job to relay information from your fire teams' eyes to the ears of plat command.

Fire Team Leaders

FTLs manage 3-5 other individuals. Fire teams are the core of any infantry fighting element. They consist of various combat roles. It's the job of the fire team leader to keep his team members alive. FTL is arguably the hardest position in a mission, as you have to manage very specifically the actions of 3 other people. It can get quite hectic. With fire team leading, cooler heads prevail.

Automatic Riflemen

ARs are the core of any fire team as well as the second-in-command. They hold the main casualty producing weapon. They are able to lay down large volumes of fire to allow fire team movement across spaces they would not otherwise be able to traverse. Covering fire, suppression, and plain old killing are the main things an AR will be doing. As an AR, be aware of the need for suppression above all else. Enemies react to you shooting near them as well as reacting when you shoot them directly. Be aware of this and use your high rate of fire and large volume of ammunition to keep the enemy down. This is imperative if you don't want your fire team to become immobile. Due to high FTL casualty rates, Never slot AR unless you are ready to lead a fire-team as well.

XML Requirements:

Every full member of Coalition should have their XML set up. You can Find the info on that here.

The following roles below require a Coalition XML in order to be slotted:

  • Any leader
  • Any medic or medical officer
  • Specialties
    • Vehicle Commander
    • Vehicle Gunner
    • Aircraft Pilot
    • Aircraft Gunner
    • Weapons Team Gunner
    • Engineer
    • Any OPFOR slot in CO-TvT's