Mission Making Guidelines

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Mission Types

Here at the Coalition we play four different mission types:

  • COOP - Cooperative: One or more teams of players vs. computer-controlled AI unit
  • TvT - Team vs Team: One team of players vs another team of players
  • COTvT - Cooperative-team vs team: One team of players vs another team of players with AI units throughout the map
  • SPCL - Special "fun" game types that can be event or holiday based. Commonly to be played lightly or with little seriousness

Each link will provide an overview of some expectations we will be looking for when you submit the mission.

Submitting Missions

Missions Webpage

1) Go to: http://coalitiongroup.net/missions/index.html

2) Press the 'ADD' button and fill out all the details provided. They're self-explanatory. 'Times played' relates to whether the mission is new or not. New missions takes priority. In the description of the mission, you are advised to submit a link of the mission map. This will allow potential PLs to have a look at what they'll be facing. Be sure to list specialties that are available and/or required for your mission.

3) The mission will now appear in the 'missions' section of the directory. However, you now have to actually upload it for testing. Press 'browse' and upload the .pbo file - remember to follow this template: cmf(version)_(co/tvt)(player count)_(mission_name).(map name) For instance, "cmf53_co54_dawn_assault.altis", "cmf53" indicating it is on version 5.3 of the CMF, "co54" meaning it is a coop with 54 playable slots, "dawn_assault" is the mission name, and ".altis" is the map extension.

4) You will need to check over your missions with other members of the community to find any errors and for opinions on changes that could be made.

5) After you have checked over your missions and feel its ready, click "request testing". This will notify the QA team that a mission needs testing and feedback in discord.

6) If your mission has something special about it that QA needs to know, i.e, scripts, special vehicles, triggers, ect, you need to comment on the database what we need to look out for. This helps us to find and ensure what you want will work as intended.

Fixing Missions

1) If your mission is broken, the QA team has to post a comment stating the issue with said mission. You will be notified on Discord immediately.

2) Once you have fixed the mission, click 'browse', reupload it, then click 'request testing'. You need to rename it with a version number as you update the missions uploaded (v1, v2, v3, ect).

What we Look for in QA:

  • Does the mission look fun? Primary concern
  • Is there any lengthy convoying required to travel between objectives that could potentially kill the players' fun?
  • Is the fps good?
  • Does the mission flow and run as the briefing describes?
  • Is the staging area in a good, safe location?
  • Are there any unnecessary map markers or modules added?
  • Are all the playable units placed correctly? (example: if its a nato mission make sure the playable units are nato for the gear script to run correctly.)

[Gametype][number of players] - [Attack/Defend] | [Explain faction and gear type] | [Specialties] [Zeus is/is not required]

(Any specialties placed in the mission will be assumed as needed and will be slotted.)

EXAMPLE: COOP40 - Attack | RU Spetsnaz, NVGs | MMG, MAT, TH1/2 | Zeus is Required

*Please be sure to keep AI ENABLED as this helps us to QA quickly and effectively

For more info see QA Checklist