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Below you will find a generalized list of rules and regulations within Coalition. They are numbered and broken down into three main sections:

1.) Community
2.) Session
3.) Tertiary

--> HQ reserves the right to update rules as necessary.
--> It is every Company member's responsibility to read and understand the rules.

Community Rules (out-of-game)

Community rules cover everything outside of ArmA sessions. While these rules are specific to non-gameplay elements, they still apply in-game.

General Conduct


Your attitude while interacting with any element of the community should be adult-oriented. This means bringing up issues in an appropriate way, approaching others you may have issues with, or accurately fixing issues as you see them.


Toxicity in any form will not be tolerated in the community. While emotions do run wild during sessions, any issues that appear should be dealt with on the spot as long as it does not interfere with the session flow.


While there isn't a specified ranking structure in Coalition, it is every active members responsibility to understand that HQ is the final say on topics. Respect should be given to all members as well as decisions made by HQ.


Discord usage is a requirement for all members.


You are responsible for every post you make.

Use Appropriate Channels

All members under the Coalition banner must use the appropriate channels in discord when posting any content. Use this page as a quick reference on each channel's usage.


Memes must be relevant to any channel they're posted in. Otherwise, any safe-for-work meme can be posted in #general.


No memes or joking material of any type is to be posted in the #battalion discord channel.

NSFW/DFAC Material

The only channel authorized for NSFW material is the #dfac channel.


Do not mute @here and @everyone. NCOs are the only personnel who can use it so it won't be spammed.

Furthermore, leave these channels un-muted for important info:



Teamspeak is only required when attending session or playing other games with the community. However, it is recommended that you idle teamspeak to show activity.

Channel Usage

Channel usage is to be respected at all times. Don't attempt to push others out of a channel or interfere with what they're doing.

Organizing in Other Games

Any time the community has five or more active players in another game, they are expected to organize into it.

Example: Five company members begin playing an MMO. They draw the attention of others within the community who wish to join. To support the build-up in players, they should create a guild.

Session Rules (in-game)

Session rules are specific elements of gameplay that generally only apply while in an official Coalition session or impromptu.

Slotting Screen

The slotting screen is used to slot all members into the active mission.

Voice Activation/"Hot-micing"

If using voice activation, a push-to-mute bind is required. Hot-mic'ing will not be tolerated.

Consistent hot-mic'ing will result in removal of voice activation ability.

Slotting Method

The HQ session admin will call slotting in this order:

Recruits and Public Players - This is for recruits and public players to slot in their allowed roles
Specialist - This is when Specialist and above to slot in any role
Soldier - This is when all Soldiers will slot in any role
Grunts - This is when all Grunts will slot in their allowed roles


Only one (1) HQ member will conduct slotting. All company members will communicate through text while at the slotting screen.

Time limit

Slotting should not take any longer than three (3) minutes.

Slotting Limitations

All community members should take roles that they are familiar with and authorized to take.
Recruit limitations:

Assistant Automatic Rifleman
Rifleman (AT)
Vehicle Driver
MMG/MAT/HAT/SAM/ST Assistant/Spotter

Grunt limitations:

Fireteam Leader (FTL)
Automatic Rifleman (AR)
Assistant Automatic Rifleman
Rifleman (AT)

Attack Helicopter Pilot
Attack Helicopter Co-Pilot

Transport Helicopter Pilot
Transport Helicopter Co-Pilot
Transport Helicopter Crew chief

Armor Commander
Armor Gunner
Armor Driver

MMG Team Leader
MMG Team Gunner
MMG Team Ammo-bearer

MAT Team Leader
MAT Team Gunner
MAT Team Ammo-bearer

Briefing Period

The briefing period is the first ten (10) minutes after loading into the mission but may go over if the mission is complicated.

Squad Leaders and Platoon Leaders

During this time, all squad-leaders and above are required to meet in order to plan the mission as best as possible. After PL briefs the SLs, it is the SLs responsibility to brief their FTLs.

Fireteam Leaders and General Infantry

During this time, all General Infantry are to read their briefing of the situation and verify they have all the necessary gear to complete their objective(s). Once all FTLs have received their briefings from their SL, it is the FTLs responsibility to refine the plan on the fireteam level and answer any questions fireteam members may have.

Mission Start

Once the mission safe-start timer ends and "Mission Start" appears, weapons are live and you are expected to perform the mission to the best of your ability as described in the briefing.

Session Flow

You are expected to play the mission to the best of your ability from start to finish. The mission flow shouldn't be interrupted by issues or outside communication.


You are expected to stay in "character" at all times. This means you don't talk about how you have a hot new co-worker while moving to an objective.

After-action Review

After each mission, take a moment to follow the pinned template in #aar in discord to discuss the mission.


Meta gaming is relaying any information about mission-related content that shouldn't be known. This is not allowed in any shape or form.

Example: You get killed and are able to see the enemy team's location. You then choose to message someone alive on a third-party platform (like steam) about their locations.

External Mods/Help

No external modifications of the game client or PBOs(mods) are authorized while in session. If it's not in the modpack or it gives you an advantage over other players, you can't use it.

In-game Issues

Player Issues

If, for any reason, you are having issues with a member during a session, you should immediately ask them to stop what they're doing to affect the fun of the session for you IF POSSIBLE. Your interaction with them should not interrupt the session flow for anyone. If the matter is out of your hands, use the "Message Admin" feature.

Team Killing

All forms of team killing are frowned upon and will not be tolerated. Alternatively, "vigilante justice" is not a thing and will result in players removed from session.


Insubordination is the one in-game no-go we have. Plans are not always the best, and you're free to voice your opinion to your superior about it in order to change it, but DO NOT attempt to go against the platoon plan or your orders.


As a leader, you're expected to support the platoon plan 100%. This is especially true to how you act about the plan around GI. Take what you are given and make the best of it.

Technical Issues

Use the "Message Admin" feature to have any technical issues rectified.

Tertiary Rules

Creating Other Discord Servers

Groups of company members are allowed to create other coalition-related discords to further game play elements in other games only.

Example: A group of 5+ members are currently organizing a trading company in the game Naval Action. To support their actions, they create another discord in order to better organize themselves.


Anything Coalition-related should be kept within the main coalition discord. The only time this changes is when it encompasses multiple members playing a new game and an entire other discord will help organize them.

Creating Session Missions

All sessions missions must be on the latest version of the Coalition Mission Framework(CMF) found here: Framesworks.

Creating Mods

Any company member is free to use any asset in the modpack to create new mods. If you plan to release the mod publicly, it must have some sort of credit pointed towards Coalition.

Creating SQF/Scripts

Any company member is free to use any asset in the CMF to create new scripts. If you plan to release the script publicly, it must have some sort of credit pointed towards Coalition.

Creating Impromptu Sessions

A Company member is free to create their own impromptu sessions. It is recommended that you post the mission ahead of time in the "Impromptu Sessions" forum in order to plan it ahead of time.


During the impromptu, it is the hosting company member's responsibility to ensure the impromptu is run smoothly and without issue. It is their impromptu session.

Types of missions

Company members should expect lower turnouts to impromptu sessions in comparison to main sessions. Each impromptu mission should be scaled back and easy to plan/control.

Content Creation

Producing Videos

For rules on producing videos, click here.