Server Information

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Private Servers

Session Server

Our main session server for Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 CST and 3 CST respectively.

IP: -OR-
Port: 2302
Password: torch

Training Server

This server is always running a special training map with just about any asset we would use in a live mission available for practice. Feel free to use this server anytime you need to brush up on certain skills. Look for flagpoles with blue flags to teleport around the map to the various locations.

IP: -OR-
Port: 2313
Password: torch

QA Server

This server is connected to the same Mission Database as the session server. It is here so mission makers and the QA team can test missions.

IP: -OR-
Port: 2304
Password: torch

Freeplay Server

This server runs a multiple of game modes like antistasi, liberation, BECTI, etc... 24/7 for all members to connect and enjoy. The modpack is required!

IP: -OR-
Port: 2319
Password: torch

Public Servers

Teamspeak 3

We currently support teamspeak 3.3.0 with ACRE version