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The Coalition uses a very basic, but purposeful ranking and grouping structure. Ranks only determine veterancy within the community, but groups determine your ability to take specified roles in ArmA sessions, determine what privileges you receive, and how heavy your opinion is taken on subjects that affect the community.

Rank Structure











Rank Roles

  • Headquarters:

Headquarters consists of the group admins and each has a specific job and/or role to maintain to ensure the steady operation of the community as whole. They are volunteers who dedicate countless hours to improving the community. This is where the buck stops.

  • NCO:

NCO's are admins that are assigned to oversee a section. They manage XML's and assist HQ as needed.

  • Specialists:

Specialists are all dedicated company members who have stood out as pillars of the community. Their contributions help make the community a greater place for all. With that they have earned priority slotting in session.

  • Soldiers:

Soldiers are all company members who have completed peer-review and transitioned into full-time members.

  • Grunts:

Grunts are the newest company members. They have been in the group for at least 1 month, requested promotion from recruit, and have access to nearly everything the company offers.

  • Recruits:

Due to the flaky nature of the ArmA community, all new-joins join the group at this rank. Every draftee goes through a recruit period to ensure Coalition is a good fit for him and he is a good fit for Coalition. Recruits are scared, confused, and quiet creatures who you can normally find running into machine gun fire at the most inopportune times.

Group Structure

Coalition also uses a three-group system in order to keep the community organized. Each group serves a purpose both inside and out of the community.


Simply put, the recruit group is the entry group into the community. Every recruit's job is to take part in the community, learn how to be proficient while in-game, and ultimately, play ArmA. Recruits are limited to AAR, RAT, Driver, and Ammo Bearer roles in order to learn how our structure and chain of command works. Recruits also do not have access to XMLs until becoming apart of the company.


The company is the backbone of the community. All members of the company are considered full members of Coalition and are granted access to XMLs, Mission Developing and Design, the CMF, and various private discord channels. Company members are also charged with occasionally taking leadership roles during ArmA sessions. All company members are expected to understand and follow the Coalition SOPs both in-game and out.


The brain of the community and ArmA sessions. Each headquarters member has a specific role they play in the administration and/or technical side of the group. All headquarters members, regardless of rank, are considered staff members.