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Correctly identifying vehicles is very important. It helps your leadership decide how to proceed and what asset to divert to deal with said vehicle. This section of the wiki will be dedicated to screenshots of vehicles to help familiarize yourself with their traits. Due to the number of vehicles in our mod pack I haven't done extensive testing with some of the vehicles, particularly the vanilla vehicles. As a result if you disagree with any of the suggestions, feel free to do some testing and provide the data.

Russian vehicles

Russian vehicles are by far the most commonly seen vehicles. They made Hundreds of thousands of everything and sold them to anyone they could. This results in not only Russian forces using these vehicles, but also many other countries and even militias or insurgent forces. Russian vehicles can be hard to ID sometimes - particularly the main battle tanks, as they are all very similar in appearance but vastly different in functionality and threat level. It is recommended that you spend some time on this section. Under here will be the main Russian vehicle families.

Light Armor

BRDM Family

BRDM's are light scout cars. They are often mistaken for BTRs. The fastest way to tell the difference is the number of wheels. BRDM's have 4, BTRs have 8. The armor on these things is paper thin. MMG, HMG, 40mm, and at most light AT are all you need for these.

BTR Family

BTR's have extremely light armor, they can be taken out with HMG fire or in the case of the early variants, even 7.62 AP can affect them. Shooting out their tires is an effective way to render them immobile. They are personnel carriers and can fit a squad of infantry inside and more on top. Later model BTRs are not to be underestimated. BTR-60 and BTR-70 are armed with machineguns, BTR-80A and later introduce 30mm class autocannons and pose a serious threat to infantry because of their mobility and standoff capability. 80BTR-80 and onwards had much thicker armor than previous models. All BTR- series vehicles share commonality with poor visibility for the crew and either nonexistent or poor optics and gun stabilization.

BMP Family

BMP's are Infantry Fighting vehicles. They can carry a small team of infantry. They have heavy enough armor to require light or medium AT. They all feature exceptionally poor gun depression, the BMP-1 pairing this with poor elevation, for which in part it was replaced. Some of the newer variants come with ERA panels that can prevent AT from doing its job if you do not aim for a weak spot. BMP-1 is a fairly low threat vehicle, featuring a low slung fully tracked and lightly armored hull fitted with a fully traversible turret armed with a low velocity gun firing a neutered recoilless rifle round (ineffectual beyond 400m and against nearly all modern armor) and early ATGM and featuring low armor, poor crew visibility and bad weapons stabilization. Following experiences in Afghanistan the Soviets upgraded the vehicle with increased armor and an improved turret, incrementally with first hull armor upgrades and substitution of the ATGM for an AGS-17 AGL on the BMP-1D(desantnik/assault infantry) sacrificing amphibious capabilities and eventually fully replacing the turret to provide an autocannon creating the BMP-2. BMP-2 is largely impervious to .50 Cal fire and poses a similar threat to infantry as late model BTRs. BMP-3 was a further upgrade in the 90s featuring a brand new hull providing 20-25mm autocannon protection to the front. The vehicle is significantly larger and more angular, featuring an easily identifiable 100mm gun/atgm launcher in a turret which is fully stabilized, provides much better visibility, and also features a 30mm autocannon and MMG mounted coaxally to the main gun. This vehicle can serve the light tank role as well as being the first of the new generation of IFVs, and poses a significant threat to infantry and BLUFOR light vehicles.

BMD Family

BMD's are Essentially smaller BMP's that were designed for airborne units, they were often designed and developed parallel to the BMPs intended to be used by Category A divisions in Western Europe and as such share similar levels of weapons armament, visibility, and weapons stabilization. Critically, they are as a rule less well armored than their BMP equivalents, and following the Soviet Afghan experience were likely to be found fitted with AGS-17 30mm automatic grenade lauchers (relevant for possible future changes to modpack). They are Infantry Fighting Vehicles with smaller crew compartments than their BMP counterparts. The early BMD's can be ID'd by their trademark "U" shaped bow. The BMD-3 and newer are basically up to par with BMPs. They have heavy enough armor to require light or medium AT. Distinguishing between BMPs and BMDs is largely unimportant, as they pose the same threat on the battlefield.

ZSU Family

The important Anti air is in the middle. That is a ZSU-23-4 AKA "Shilka". They are pretty unique looking, and you will definitely know when one is shooting at you. They can depress the guns low enough to be a threat to infantry and light vehicles. They have armor strong enough to take some punishment. Hit the sides or rear with Light AT, ideally use medium AT if its available. The same devastating 23mm tandem gun is standard as an emplacement, and is often found mounted on the backs of Ural trucks.

SPGs and Rocket launchers

The 2S25 "Sprut" is a self propelled anti tank gun. It is lightly armored and based on the BMD3. Light or medium AT will knock it out. Easily identified by its long gun and unique turret.


Left to right: 2S3M1 "Akatsiya" 152mm Self propelled howitzer, BM-21 "Grad" 133mm Multiple rocket launcher, 9K79 "Scarab" Tactical Ballistic missile launcher. I'm including these because they can be pretty high value targets, but generally pose little direct threat to infantry as they're much longer range assets. If you can see them, they probably can't easily hurt you.

2S3M1: Hit it with well placed light AT or medium AT. Self propelled howitzer armed with 152mm cannon. No threat as long as you are close enough to hit it with AT

BM-21 "Grad": Its an unarmored truck loaded with explosives, do what you must.

9K79: Can be armed with nuclear warhead. Lightly armored, HMG, 40mm, or Light AT.

Heavy Armor

T-34 & T-55

These two tanks are a couple of the most produced tanks in the world. Both are old enough to be the lightest armored vehicles in this section. Both feature exceptionally poor visibility, poor gun stabilization, and ineffectual armor against modern weapons.

T-34: If you can't ID a T-34 you need to take a history class. The one in the picture happens to be a T-34-85 which means it has an 85mm gun. That means it can still be a reasonable threat to both infantry and vehicles. These are WWII era tanks, so their armor is thin compared to most other tanks you will encounter. They have poor stabilization. Hit them with Light or medium AT, flank if you can to ensure a one hit kill.

T-55: The most produced tank in history. They have been used by 50+ militaries and probably as many militia and insurgent groups. This is an early cold war era tank, it replaced the T-34-85. Its front hull armor is only 120mm thick, Light and medium AT can pen there if its the only option, however the weaker 80mm side and 60mm rear are sure 1 hit kills. Its turret is not a weak spot, as with most Russian tanks its armor is all there. You will never see a T-55 with ERA with our mod pack. They can be ID'd by counting road wheels. A T-55 is the only Soviet MBT with 5 roadwheels and additionally has a large gap between the first and second wheels. The turret is also taller than the later T series tanks as well as having the spotlight mounted higher. There is a second spotlight on one of the hatches. T-55s lack a mount for an Anti Air machine gun. The bore evacuator on a T-55 is at the very end of the barrel, for those of you that don't know what that is, its the thicker part of the barrel, and it's the only Soviet tank in the modpack with this identifying feature. Knowing the difference between these and the later tanks is important so you do not waste an asset.

T-72 Family

Note: T72 and T80 served concurrently (alongside T62 and T64 tanks not currently featured in our modpack) in the Soviet forces and were upgraded along similar lines and to levels. This large number of models makes individual ID extremely difficult and largely irrelevant for gameplay purposes. All feature extremely heavy armor (especially in the turret), somewhat poor gun depression, high speed, and limited crew visibility. Many also have a uniquely Soviet feature in the form of a gun capable of firing ATGM rounds, which almost always have ranges in excess of 2km and can have better anti-armor capabilities than the already potent family of 125mm cannons these vehicles mount. These guns also frequently come equipped with an autoloader, frequently of the carousel type, which contributes to a very high rate of fire for caliber. -K series upgrades were command tanks and as such will be easily identifiable by multiple radio antenna from the rear or turret of the vehicle.


T-72 Tanks Are one of the most popular post WWII tanks in the world being the first Soviet-bloc Main Battle Tank (MBT). They have a diesel engine. They can be taken out by well placed light AT, but medium or heavy is recommended to ensure fewer hits. Newer variants have ERA. Driver only has 1 para-scope. Crew visibility is limited, as is gun stabilization.

T-80 Family

The T80 was the first Main battle tank in the world to use a turbine engine, although some versions of the family feature a diesel powerpack. This is the easiest way to tell them apart from a T-72 if you are close enough. T-80s have 3 para-scopes for the driver. Other than that, they can be very difficult to differentiate. Like the T-72 they call for medium or heavy AT to ensure fewer hits to kill. Most T-80 variants have some form of ERA aside from earlier models. T80's are smaller and slightly boxier, with more evenly rounded, somewhat squatter turrets. Consider T-80s to generally be somewhere in between a T-72 and a T-90.

T-90 Family

T-90s are basically just super modern versions of the T-72. The best way to differentiate is the new turret. It it a slightly different shape, and covered in ERA. t-90s also have 2 Spotlights on the front of the turret which look like eyes on either side of the gun, whereas T-80s and T-72s only have 1 spotlight. T-90s can be extremely hard to take down. Recommend medium or heavy AT


This section will cover Russian helicopters. Every screenshot will have all of the variants of the helicopter in a "family" line up as well as one of the helicopters shown flying at a distance to provide a profile. All of these screenshots can be expanded by clicking them and then clicking the full image size under it. In this case because I still live in 2005 they go no higher than 1600x900. If anyone would like to replicate these with higher resolution, feel free to do so as updates to the current files.

Mi-8 "Hip"

The Mi-8 can be unarmed Transport helicopters, or come loaded for bear. Even Transport variants can have door gunners. Late versions have a gunner in the nose with the pilots. They can carry Fuel air bombs, rockets, and gun pods. Mi-8s are lightly armored and can and should be taken out with massed small arms fire, especially directed at the unarmored and large glass-enclosed cockpit. It is important not to call them a Hind since a Hind is a flying infantry fighting vehicle that can kill you even if it's not facing towards you. A radio alert of a "Rocket Hip" in the area represents a significant threat to all friendlies in the area, mounted with a full complement of rocket pods a single Hip poses a threat roughly equivalent to a 122mm class MLRS battery.

Note that there is a Mi-24 in the backdrop of this picture in the far top left. If you look at the bigger version of this screenshot by clicking on it and viewing the full size, you can clearly see the difference in the profile at range.

Mi-24 "Hind"

Mi-24s can be a huge threat. They have decently heavy armor as far as aircraft go. It is recommended to use Anti Air if possible, .50 cal can take them down but not in small amounts. Massed small arms fire has little effect except to aid the crew in target selection. They can carry Fuel air bombs, rockets, gun pods, and can have a gun in a turret under the cockpit (generally 13.7mm). They can also be armed with air to air missiles. They have a very distinct and very loud sound. Hind-D introduced a very distinct double bubble cockpit which aids crew survivability. Don't let Hinds land, as they will likely surprise you with an entire infantry squad popping out the back.

Mi-28 "Havoc"

The havoc is Russia's most destructive helicopter. With multiple weapons loads including fuel air bombs, gun pods, rocket pods, ATGMs, and the ever present all seeing 30 mm chain gun on the nose, the Havoc can lay down fire in any direction and destroy almost any target you could imagine. The havoc is also very heavily armored as helicopters go. The smallest rated threat for the Mi-28 is .50 caliber API-T rounds, but expect to only see positive results using 20mm or more. This armor is largely due to the fact that the Mi-28 does not contain a crew compartment. While the Mi-24 can more often than not deploy a full squad to the battlefield, essentially making it an aerial BTR, the Mi-28 is better compared to an aerial T-90.

Identify the Mi-28 by checking for a more angular double cockpit (not bubble shaped like the Mi-24), the radar bulb on top of the main rotor, and the absolutely massive front cannon. The Mi-28 also has the engines mounted parallel to super structure instead of on top, both engines sporting massive downward exhausts to their rear.

Ka-60 "Kasatka"

The Kasatka is a transport helicopter capable of carrying light armament, similar to what you would expect to see on US littlebirds. It is best described as an effective hybrid between transport and light attack craft. Like most Russian vehicles, it has a somewhat broader combat role than equivalent US military vehicles.

It is identified chiefly by it's small round silhouette, large front wind screens featuring side by side seating, it's enclosed anti torque rotor, and it's relatively light armament.

Ka-52 "Alligator"

The Ka-52 is the big brother of the Ka-50 "Blackshark". A high speed stacked main rotor allows for the helicopter to maintain a relatively skinny rotor span, meaning the helicopter can take off and land effectively in tight spaces, and it can carry greater armament than other helicopters with similar rotor spans. The double main rotor design aids in reducing down wash, as well as increasing collective responsiveness (thus increasing combat survivability through superior auto rotate abilities. The downwash from the first rotor can keep the second one spinning faster for longer, which means a more controllable glide if power is lost). Of course, none of the flight specifics of the Alligator are terribly applicable to ARMA, even with AFM enabled.

The KA-52 has a forward mounted 30 mm cannon with limited opposability (can be aimed +- 10 degrees or so without moving the bird). It carries a tremendous amount of long range rocket propelled armament, including a variety of rocket pods, bombs, and ATGMs. The Ka-52 is a much greater threat to vehicular assets due to it's reduced radar plane and comparatively long engagement range. As infantry, the Ka-52 is not necessarily the biggest threat you can face from the air, but it still a formidable and dangerous opponent with just as much armor as the above mentioned Mi-28. Exercise caution when engaging and exposing yourself to a Ka-52, especially if it's pointed towards you.

The Ka-52 can be identified chiefly by it's two main rotors. Additionally, the Ka-52 has a side by side seating arrangement - not the most common thing to see on an attack helicopter. It's winglets are fairly long and have additional hard points at the tips for AA missile attachment. It carries the standard two hard points per winglet for rocket pod attachment and the like. No Ka-50/52 variant will never have a swiveling front turret. It is also the only Russian bird to feature retractable landing gear, giving it a lower drag coefficient, really allowing the double main rotor to push the max speed of about 300 Km/h.

Notes on Vehicle Neutralization

All Russian main battle tanks concentrate their armor in the turret. As such, turret hits are rarely fruitful. Aim for sides and rear armor in this situation. If the tank has reactive armor on any portion of it's body, aim elsewhere as that ERA will easily defeat most AT.

BTRs can easily be destroyed with .50 cal fire more often than not. If you can't penetrate the armor, you can probably de-mobilize the unit by attacking it's weak point - the tires - for massive damage.

Other Russian vehicles such as UAZs (5 seat transport jeep built by the Reds), GAZs, and vodniks are all lightly armored (if armored at all) and can be taken out by any competent infantry unit.

Helicopters are some of the easiest targets to destroy, but if you mess with the wrong one you'll end up dead. It's very important to identify what you're shooting at before you shoot, as ineffective fire can mean life and death with attack helicopters. Don't make your presence known if you aren't sure you can kill it. As a rule of thumb, never engage helicopters with anything less than a .50 cal.

Be aware of what weaponry you have, don't use your last javelin on an infantry transport if you're not 100% certain there won't be a T-90 around the corner. Use the right weapon for the right vehicle, you usually do not need AT for things like Urals and UAZs as the drivers can be shot out, or the wheels disabled long before the infantry inside can become a threat.

CSAT Vehicles

These vehicles come with the base game, so these will not be super in depth guides as I expect most people know the vanilla assets. However our mods rename some of the vehicles, so I will call them what they are called in our modpack. Some of these vehicles really exist, others are made up to fit the games vanilla setting. A few are monstrosities made by combining multiple real vehicles or weapon systems.

Light and Medium Armor


Left:BTR-K Kamysh, right: "Otokar Arma"

Being Vanilla assets means that these are super modern, or futuristic vehicles. This means they can come with fairly decent armor. Both of these are Infantry fighting vehicles that can carry a decent sized team of infantry.

The BTR-k is medium armor, it is not as light as the other CSAT IFV but not as heavy as the T-100. It can be taken out with light AT if flanked, medium AT can be used to ensure a kill.

The Otokar Arma is light armor. It can be dealt with by light AT. Its wheels are its weak point if you need to render it immobile.

Self propelled gun and Anti Air

Left: ZSU-39 "Tigris", Right: 2S9 "Sochor"

The ZSU-39 Is a BTR-k with a different weapon system. It can be taken out with light AT if flanked, medium AT can be used to ensure a kill.

The 2S9 is a Self propelled howizer, it poses little threat to units that are close to it. It does however have a remote controlled gun on the turret that the commander can use to defend against infantry or aircraft. Hit it in the sides or rear with light AT, or use medium AT to knock it out.

Qilin Transport


A small, highly agile car that can fit 5 t 6 people depending on the version. Some come with a top mounted minigun that can provide a high volume of fire.

Heavy Armor


Assumed to be based off of the real life Russian T-95 black eagle, this thing is one of the heaviest pieces of armor in the game. It is also covered in ERA. Hit the rear when possible. Medium or heavy AT is highly recommended.


Mi-290 "Taru"

This unique looking helicopter is a heavy lift chopper that is assumed to be based off of the real life Ka-226. It can use a wide range of pods to transport anything from supplies to troops. It can also drop the pods and be used for sling loading heavy equipment. It is armored enough to require .50cal or better to damage. Shooting it with anything smaller is pointless unless it has the bench seat pod with passengers.

Mi-48 "Kajman"

Pronounced caiman like the species of alligator. This thing does not really exist. It is a hideous mixture of 3 Russian aircraft, the Mi-28,the Ka-50, and the passenger compartment of the Mi-24. It can only carry a small team of infantry. The kajman is a major threat. Lucky .50 cal can knock it out, but it is recommended to use something bigger.


The CSAT use the Russian Ka-60 helicopter as a transport comparable to the little bird. See Russian helicopter section for more info.

Y-32 Xi'an


The Xi'an is a heavy attack and transport VTOL aircraft. It is quite fast, has a variety of guided and unguided weapons, and can deploy troops right on top of you.

Independent Vehicles

These vehicles come with the base game, so these will not be super in depth guides as I expect most people know the vanilla assets. However our mods rename some of the vehicles, so I will call them what they are called in our modpack. Some of these vehicles really exist, others are made up to fit the games vanilla setting. A few are monstrosities made by combining multiple real vehicles or weapon systems.

AAF Light and Medium Armor


Left: FV510 "Warrior" Right: Pandur II

The Warrior is a British IFV comparable to the American Bradley. It comes packed with ERA which makes it hard enough to knock out for me to call it medium armor. It can carry a team of infantry. Light AT to the rear, or medium AT to deal with these.

The Pandur II is an Austrian made APC. Its armor is heavy enough to require Light AT, but its tires are vulnerable to small arms. It can carry infantry.

AAF Heavy Armor

Leopard 2

This appears to be some sort of Leopard 2 variant the ARMA 3 team made. It has ERA in a few places. It is best dealt with by medium or heavy AT.

AAF Helicopters

The AAF use two helicopters based on real world helicopters.

AW101 "Merlin"

The Merlin is a British and Italian designed medium lift helicopter. It is unarmed and unarmored. It can carry a decent amount of infantry.

AW159 "Wildcat"

The Wildcat in game appears to be an upgraded version of the current Wildcat that is in service with the British army and Royal Navy. It provides a similar role to the American UH-60. And looks very similar to an upgraded Huey, this is no mistake as its predecessors were designed as a British made alternative to the Huey. It can be armed with rocket pods and it has a FLIR pod in the nose. Well placed small arms can knock one out of the air, but .50 cal or AA is the ideal choice.

NATO Vehicles

These vehicles come with the base game, so these will not be super in depth guides as I expect most people know the vanilla assets. However our mods rename some of the vehicles, so I will call them what they are called in our modpack. Some of these vehicles really exist, others are made up to fit the games vanilla setting. A few are monstrosities made by combining multiple real vehicles or weapon systems.

Light and Medium Armor


Left to right: Patria AMV, Namer, Nemmera

The Patria, also known as the Badger. It is a Finish platform with many forms across a few countries that have the contracts to build them. The Badger version that appears in the game is made in South Africa. It is light armor. It is can be dealt with by light or medium AT.

The Namer uses the chassis of the Israeli Merkava Main Battle tank. It can transport a team of infantry, and is armed with an Automatic Grenade launcher and HMG. Medium armor. Light or medium AT to deal with these, try to hit sides and rear of all variants.

The Nemmera is a Combat recovery vehicle variant of the Namer. It cannot transport infantry and is only armed with a 6.5mm MG and a bulldozer blade. Light or medium AT.

Anti Air, Rocket launcher, and Self Propelled Gun

Left to right: IFV-6a Cheetah, M5 Sandstorm, and M4 Scorcher

The Cheetah is a Namer with the same weapon system as the CSAT ZSU-39. It can be taken out with light or medium AT.

The M5 sandstorm is a Namer with a Multiple Launch Rocket System or MLRS bolted to the roof. Can be taken out with light or medium AT.

The M4 scorcher appears to be Bohemia's take on the Israeli Sholef system that produced just 2 vehicles. Either way its a self propelled howitzer on the chassis of the Merkava. It poses little threat to close infantry Light or medium AT besides its commander's HMG.

Heavy Armor


The Merkava is an Israeli MBT. Israel being Israel, They asked "why not combine an IFV and a Tank?" which means these MBTs can fit 6 infantry in the back. There are two versions in game. the one on the left is the up-armored version with ERA panels. The variant on the right can be taken out with light AT to the rear or medium AT. For the up-armored version I would recommend Light AT to the rear, or Medium to the sides or rear. Heavy AT to ensure kill.


The NATO Helicopters in game are all modern or future variants of US helicopters that are currently in use. I expect that most people are familiar with them.


Assumed to be the likeness of the stealth UH-60 Blackhawk used in the Bin laden raid, it looks like a Blackhawk and an F-117 had an affair and this is the bastard child. Fills a similar role to the UH-60, and can have door mounted miniguns. Can be taken out with small arms, though .50 cal and higher is recommended.


Appears to be a Chinook that also had an affair with an F-117. Apparently those things get around. Anyways it fills a similar role to the Actual Chinook, and the Merlin. It can transport a large group of infantry, and can be armed with door guns. Small arms can take one out, but recommend .50 cal or higher.

Pawnee and Hummingbird

Appear to be updated versions of the real life AH-6 and OH-6 little bird respectively. The Pawnee has miniguns and rocket pods. They can transport a few infantry in the back seats and on the skids. Small arms can take them down.


Appears to be a RAH-66 Comanche which is a canceled Boeing project that was targeted at the US military. It was designed to be a stealth recon platform that would mark targets for AH-64 Apaches. It is armed with an auto cannon in the nose. It is armored pretty well and requires .50 cal or better to knock out.


I know this is from APEX and not vanilla. And since it is VTOL it is in a grey area as well. But I feel it should be included.

A VTOL aircraft that appears to be Bohemia's take on the V-22 Osprey if it had an affair with a C-130. This thing comes in 2 variants. A transport variant that can carry up to 32 soldiers and a gunship variant that is basically an AC-130 armed with mini guns, a howitzer, and an auto cannon. If one of these appears to be entering into an orbit around you, you had better knock it out quick. Recommend Anti Air since it will most likely not be a "helicopter" unless it is taking off or landing.