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    Coalition Mission Framework

    Get current or previous versions of the Coalition Mission Framework (CMF), read the patch notes and leave comments.

    CMF File: cmf59.vr.zip
    Change log:
    Rewrote entire framework structure COY is now added First platoon is now known as 1PLT Added second platoon (2PLT) Each platoon has two squads now Alpha and Bravo moved to 1st PLT Charlie and Delta moved to 2nd PLT Specialties have been rewritten Added tabbed-spaced indentation on slotting screen Fixed SIGNAL error(s) on all three factions Fixed slotting screen errors Fixed icon / blue force tracker errors Fixed color team errors Fixed patches not being assigned correctly Fixed ready-up error on vehicle spawners Fixed JSRS dependency Removed entrenching tools by default Added master switch to init.sqf for vehicle spawners Added ability for JIPs to choose gear/loadout after selecting group Users who JIP as medic will receive medic assignment Users who JIP as crew/pilot will be engineer  
    Known bugs:

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