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Content Creation

[OUT OF GAME] Awards for creating content for the community


  1. Novice Mission Maker

    You've given the community some missions to play, and are learning and improving with each one.

  2. Journeyman Mission Maker

    Your missions are a regular addition to sessions, and frequently receive glowing reviews at their conclusion.

  3. Expert Mission Maker

    You've implemented additions to our underlying framework, have developed new features or game modes, and have established yourself as someone to talk to when more junior mission-makers need tips on improving their own skills.

  4. Master Mission Maker

    If it's possible in the Eden Editor, you know how to do it. One of your missions is played almost every week, and you constantly push the boundaries to find new and interesting experiences for the community.

  5. Novice Video Creator

    For creating videos showcasing community content for all those to see.

  6. Journeyman Video Creator

    For continuing to improve the community through video content creation.

  7. Expert Video Creator

    Your videos have continued to reach out to new eyes and improve in quality.

  8. Master Video Creator

    Your video creation is some of the best we've seen and your content consistently showcases what makes Coalition shine.

  9. Twitch Streamer

    You stream weekly sessions on Twitch and post clips in #aar and #content to provide discussion points and content for the community

  10. Community Quality Assurance

    Individuals that commit time to checking missions with/without the QA team to ensure the community plays the best missions possible

  11. After Action Analyst

    For consistently dedicating time to improving and critiquing individuals within AAR.

  12. Asset Creation

    For adding content into the community, such as mods, Arma models, community images, or any other form of physical additions to the group as a whole

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