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  1. Is there not an English version for #3? Nvm, found the English translation link
  2. Q: Does this version of DayZ have a Hero/Bandit point system? If so, and it is anything like DayZ mod, then this should work itself out naturally with Heros actively hunting bandit asses for the points, and visa versa.
  3. Why limit, shouldn't group faction size be a factor in survival? If you are a charismatic cool person who gathers more people to you it allows your survival and those with you, if you are a hard charging chad who is a tool to everyone, then you are camping alone and shiting in the woods with no one to watch your back.
  4. Not sure if this has been covered, but from past experience vehicle vs bases should be a no go. With that said, raids should be able to happen anytime, all times. If you don't want to get caught with your pants down, set up a watch schedule 🙂
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